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Floorball rinks | EN


We produce and sell certificated floorball rinks FLOORink® for competitive, school and hobby floorball.

Are you interested in our floorball rinks? Fill the tentative form or contact us at info@insport.sk or 00421 902 106 640


We supply the rinks in any size according to the customer's request.

The final cost of the rinks is calculated individually according to the customer's specifications.


The rinks are made from top-quality German polypropylene Röchling Polystone with UV stabilization.

We use the Swiss welding aggregates Leister, which guarantees reliability, maximum strength and durability of the product.

We provide a LIFE GUARANTEE on our rinks.


  • Black (standard - best price, attractive visual)
  • White, gray, pale blue, caribbean blue, green RAL 6002 (by agreement)


We make only one model of the rinks. However, we supply them without certification marks (model SPORT - lower price) or with certification marks (model PROFI - higher price).

Construction, material and quality of both products is identical. The price difference consists only of certification marks.


In addition to the quality of our production, our product is specific to its own system of connections parts, which ensures the integrity of the assembly without the tendency to open during the game and create places with the risk of injury.

RINKS as an area of advertising:

The set of rinks allows you to create interesting advertising space for banner placement from the outside and inside.

One 2m part provides up to 2m2 of space for the presentation of partners of your club, school, municipality, etc.

The set of 40 x 20m has a potential of about 235m2 !!!

We also offer you the possibility to produce and place a stickers according to your proposal.

Production and application of sticker: 15 € without VAT / 1m2
For individual requests or questions, please contact us at info@insport.sk
or 00421 902 106 640